5 Hidden Android Tricks

This guide will be very useful for Android users. This guide will tell you about 5 hidden tips and tricks that not many people know about.

Free YT Premium

Get YouTube premium features for free, which is only possible with “Black Screen: video screen off”. Subscribing to YouTube Premium will cost you money, and you will have to charge your phone battery frequently. And if the same features are available to you through another app, is it better? You can download this app from Google Play Store. After opening this app, you can click on the black screen enable option from its options, through which you can turn the screen black while listening to any video or song. Now you can save your phone battery and your money too.

Ping your Android

This trick will allow you to find your phone easily; in any case, sometimes you forget about your phone and where or in which place you left your phone last time; this trick will help you to find your phone. So how to apply this trick on your phone?

The complete process, let me tell you:

Firstly you have to open your phone settings and find the biometric and security settings; The next thing you have to do is tap the option “find my mobile” and make sure the option is turned on to further process. Next, you have to open the link myaccount.google.com/device-activity which will already be associated with your device’s google account. After reaching the settings of this link, you have to tap the option of “find device” and be done. Now it will let you find your device where it is. If your phone is stolen, you must keep up the next step and lock your phone, and this will stop getting in your device for a thief. You can find more android app tips and tricks on Cell Phone Time here; they guys have lots of material related to mobile apps.

Double tap Screenshot

The next trick lets you take the screenshot with just one tap on your android device; in google devices, this feature already exists. So let you dive into how you take the screenshot with just one tap on the screen.

A complete way to apply these settings:

Open your play store and type the app name “Tap tap screenshot” now install this app, and after opening it, you have to go into the “accessibility service” option and tap on it to enable that option. Next, you have to tap on the “installed apps” option and then tap on the “tap screenshot” option to turn it on to take full control of your phone.

It will seem tough to allow this but don’t worry; this app is a dedicated app, and all the reviews on the play store are very good. After all, open the app you would like to take the screenshot; just two times, tap on the back of your phone, and you are done. People with Google devices do not need to install this app on their phones because they already have this functionality built in.

Now the main thing is how and where this option is located; open your phone settings and then tap on the “system” option, then tap on the “Gestures”, and then tap on “Quick tap” it will ask you to enable the quick tap option to complete your required process. Not only the screenshot but it will also give you many options to take place in just one tap away when you want to affect them.

Anti Snoop

This trick will help to manage your phone security when your phone is in your friend’s hand. Whenever you hesitate to give your phone to your friend to show something cause of privacy issues, now don’t be afraid to do this because we have a secure solution.

A complete way to apply these settings:

To go ahead to the solution, you have to open your phone’s settings, and next go to the “biometric and security” option, after that scroll down and tap on the “Other security settings” option, and next scroll down and enable the “pin windows” option. Next, it will ask you the app you want to pin, select your app, and be done. If your friend holds your phone to see, he will not be able to move anywhere except this app. Now to unpin this app with recent and back buttons holds at the same time it will unpin that app.

Clean notifications

This smart trick lets you make your look of notifications completely change and clean. To apply these settings, you have to go to the device’s settings, tap on the notifications option, and then select the style of the notification you want, brief or detailed. If you go with the brief option, you next have to tap on the “brief pop-up settings” and select your favorite style from the given styles. You can customize your selected notification style with changes in color, effects, and more.