5 Ways Bulk SMS Technology Helps Businesses in This Era

A few years ago, the most astute of marketers saw the potential of Bulk SMS service technology, and it remains one of the most effective methods to connect with customers today. However, despite the coronavirus further fueling the texting boom, not all businesses are utilizing text messaging.

This article explains how Bulk SMS service functions and why advertisers find the technology to be so successful in connecting with consumers and fostering real company growth.

What does SMS (Short Message Service) technology entail?

Any mobile phone user would be familiar with the text messaging service known as SMS technology. Short messages (up to 160 characters) may be sent and received between mobile phones and from apps to mobile devices using this technology, which has been around for 30 years.

Sending brief or urgent communications is perfect for Bulk SMS service. Text messages are frequently used in business to provide PIN numbers for account security, appointment or payment reminders, order status updates, and marketing alerts. Additionally, two-way messaging utilises it (where you receive messages from customers).

How do mobile devices handle SMS?

Using the widely used Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol, a mobile smartphone may connect with telephone operators’ gateways. Text messages may now be sent and received quickly between GSM, CDMA, UMTS, iDEN, and TDMA networks thanks to this.

The transmitting device sends a text message to the nearest cell tower, which receives it through radio waves. In order to reach the cell tower closest to the recipient device, messages are subsequently transmitted to an SMS centre (SMSC). As well as sending the Bulk SMS service to the recipient’s phone via that tower.

SMS messages: Important advantages for marketers

Marketing professionals and company owners have a fantastic chance to communicate with clients and prospects thanks to Bulk SMS service technology. Here are five justifications:

Almost instantaneous communication

SMS is genuinely the fastest method of transmitting time-sensitive information. Bulk SMS service technology, unlike other messaging applications, doesn’t need an internet connection, so you may send messages even in isolated locations as long as there is a mobile phone signal.

High rates of deliverability

How many of you have sent an email and questioned if it will truly reach its recipient despite knowing it to be completely legitimate?

Even when emails are not unwanted communications, internet service providers have a reputation for blocking them and sending them to the rubbish bin. SMS technology is a fairly dependable mode of communication, despite the fact that cell providers have spam filters in place to block telemarketing calls and spam messages.

Draws interest

Text messages have astoundingly high open and response rates, which is no secret. It’s a direct conduit that both young and old people use frequently. While older folks aged 50 to 69 prefer utilising text over email to keep connected, 55% of teenagers send Bulk SMS service messages every day.

Despite the fact that email has its advantages, the ordinary person’s inbox is undoubtedly clogged with commercial messages they won’t have time to read. While a text message may be opened and read instantly since it is brief and to the point. SMS is really useful.

Increased targeting and personalization

Even when you need to concurrently deliver messages to hundreds or even thousands of clients, it is simple to create SMS campaigns that are highly personalised and relevant.

For instance, at GUNI, you may include distinguishing “tags” into your material to retrieve information from your subscriber list. A tag could contain the client’s initial name, the name of a product they’ve bought, the date and time of a forthcoming appointment, etc.

If you use Bulk SMS service as a tool and combine it with your CRM system, it gains even more strength. Following that, you can build up automatic campaigns to save time and leverage precise insights for improved data analysis and targeting.


When compared to internet advertisements, where you are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) basis, SMS allows you to simply pay for the messages you send. For instance, Australian SMS providers charge just 8.1$ a month, or just 0.016 $ per SMS, if you use it to send 500 texts to the United States. Find out how much it will cost you to text other locations.

SMS in bulk to improve email marketing

Email campaigns from many businesses now include SMS marketing. They have discovered the value of increasing email open rates and, eventually, conversion rates by embracing mass messaging, with SMS open rates reaching 98%. Including URLs increases website traffic and subscriber growth.

Businesses may better understand their whole client base and follow consumer behaviour back to the Bulk SMS service. These initiatives, which are powered by short codes and keywords, must be understandable and helpful to the target audience. To keep clients interested, businesses must come up with fresh concepts and follow current trends.

Orange Wednesdays, which was launched more than ten years ago, is one of the most well-known and effective SMS ads. With a clear call-to-action, customers are presented with a two-for-one movie promotion that is only available on Wednesdays. It was once the least popular weekday with the lowest attendance rate, but Orange estimates that by adopting this method, three million more moviegoing visits are created yearly.

Using SMS technology for business

From banking and eCommerce to beauty and healthcare, Bulk SMS service technology may be applied in a variety of fields.

Text messages are excellent for transactional and customer support communications, in addition to advertising your goods or services. Examples include two-factor authentication PIN codes, appointment reminders, delivery status updates, and emergency notifications.