Biggest Brands On Shopify Plus

Shopify and Shopify Plus are the huge commerce platforms that are competing with Amazon. Brands in 2022 started to migrate to Shopify & Shopify Plus. Whereas, small businesses got great success stories on the Shopify platform in terms of growth. Not just small brands but even big brands started to rule the Shopify market. 

Here in the article, we will share about the big brands that are utilizing Shopify now. As these brands are already popular in Shopify, you can get inspired for your brand

The biggest brands powered by Shopify & Shopify Plus are: 

Shopify is not just for start-up businesses, this platform is banked by the world’s best enterprise brands. These brands unleash Shopify’s mighty power with its out of box features & capabilities. Here is the list of the big names & brands over Shopify & Shopify Plus.

1. Gymshark

With more than 5.6 million interactive Instagram followers this UK-based fitness company is known to grow brands through Shopify Plus. Gymshark started with modest beginnings when the founder Ben Francis began the brand in 2012. Before Gymshark was just a brand without any physical stores. Although it earned huge popularity among gym lovers they choose to sell products via Shopify rather than the physical stores. Want a website just like Gymshark, reach out to a Shopify Plus agency now.  

2. Red Bull GmbH

Red Bull ranked 9th among the top 15 big companies which use  Shopify. Its headquarters is based in Fuschl, where it holds a large share of 43% of the energy drink market. Red Bull’s competitors are coca-cola, Monster Beverage Corporation and PepsiCo Inc.  Red Bull have several sports leagues, sports event series, and football teams. Bull has a private equity business Verod Capital that led an enterprise round to fund West Africa’s clothing brand – DTRT Apparel Ltd.

3. Huel

Huel was launched in 2015. It holds a top position as the UK’s biggest success story even in 2023. It offers nutritionally complete food right from powder form. And they expanded the brand portfolio by adding foods such as snack bars,  hot food, clothing, and pre-mixed drinks, and offered more and more. 

Huel uses the Shopify platform to deliver nutrient-rich products to customers in many territories. Being a scalable platform, huel could cope with several orders without problems.  It is well known as a Shopify store with a minimal aesthetic. But large brands such as Huel often hire Shopify agencies to develop & maintain Shopify websites to well manage their brands. 

4. Sephora

The beauty giant Sephora is a pretty popular choice for many makeup lovers. It was established by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH). This cosmetics giant uses the Shopify agency for immense support from the ecommerce platform.

Their online shop features several products from many brands. It can be the largest Shopify product catalogue. You could purchase everything from body lotions, nail colors, hair, skincare, etc. 

5. Nescafe 

How come we can’t include the most popular products for everyone – Nescafe? Nescafe is the best brand across the Nestlé Family – the biggest food company. This Nescafe alone sells more than 5000 products and is also accessible in 180 countries worldwide. Its estimated brand value is  20.4 billion. 

And it is estimated that over 5,500 Nescafe cups are consumed in a single day worldwide. And that made it the most successful brand to date. Nescafe chose Shopify Plus as the most preferred ecommerce network. It also offers consumers a great online experience to shop and study more of their products.

6. Kylie Cosmetics

Cosmetic and reality tv show mogul,  Kylie Jenner uses Shopify for her skincare products – Kylie cosmetics. This popular cosmetic brand owns a market value of $1.2 billion. This company was established in 2015, in California. It had huge success selling makeup,  skincare products, lip products, etc.

Kylie Cosmetics’ website always sustained heavy traffic with the new product launch. Did you know that Kylie cosmetics sold out their eyeshadow palette right after 2 minutes after the launch? Shopify handles the immediate inflow of online traffic without any issues. 

7. Pepsico’s Pantry Shop

Another popular brand that’s housed by Shopify is Pepsico pantry shop. Pepsico owns a market value of $192.6 billion. It’s not only popular as the drink company but also known to be the direct-to-consumer Pantry Shop site. This store features a multitude of products from the online store that’s offered by Shopify.

Pepsico is accessible in over 200 territories & countries worldwide where the products are served more than 1 billion times daily. As per the Pepsico site, they are making 2 billion in online sales as of 2019 through Shopify Plus. Pepsico launched the direct-to-consumer website during the pandemic. So, customers can shop online easily for their desired products.

8. Penguin Books

UK-based publisher Penguin Books is another brand that tops the list as the big brand to use Shopify. This brand was established in 1935. And it publishes fiction, nonfiction, scholarly, and academic in many formats. Penguin book is a subsidiary of – Penguin random house popular publishing group. In 2020, Bertelsmann, a German media giant, finalized full accession of the Penguin Random House. In 2020, Penguin books owned $4.5 billion.

9. Hyatt Hotels Corp 

Next on our best big brand on Shopify list is nothing but Hyatt hotels corp.  This biggest company uses Shopify which is headquartered in Chicago. It operates and owns hotels, and resorts in the US and globally. Hyatt Hotels opened its 1,000th hotel near the Alila Napa Valley in California. This company got 350 projects with a certain emphasis on North America and Asia Pacific. Hyatt’s revenue came at $2.06 billion and also gained 59% since last year. 

10. Tesla

Tesla is powered by Shopify, which is an American electric automobile company established by Elon Musk. They never do deals with dealerships. Tesla sells their vehicles on its website. They create battery energy storage,  electric vehicles, from home to solar roof times, solar panels,  grid-scale, and from products & services. Tesla also sells products over Shopify which could be bought easily. 

11. The Economist

The Economist is a prominent publication that publishes both in print and online that’s known for valuable perspectives. Their journalists cover a huge array of topics, that involves business,  worldwide news, finance,  science, etc.

The Economist reaches 5.1 million readers weekly via digital and print channels. Their audience improved to a point that is ready to branch out to start a Shopify store. Now, the Economist sells accessories, apparel,  diaries,  books, and more historical libraries. With a readership of 35 million weekly  & 35 million social media reach, the economist has been supported by Shopify for years. 

12. Kraft Heinz Co

Kraft Heinz Company is another popular and top Shopify store. Right after the pandemic hit, Kraft Heinz wanted an approach to deliver products to consumers who can’t buy in physical stores during the lockdown. Then, they came up with a new direct-to-consumer website utilizing Shopify Plus within a week. Their success speaks to how Shopify truly helped them reach the position they need for growth in the market.